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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 5 Disturbing Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

In the spirit of Halloween we've cracked open some poems by Poe. Here's several that we recommend for the chilly days ahead:

5. Alone
The speaker of Alone describes how he was an outcast as a child. The dread from childhood ends up following the narrator wherever he goes.

4. Dreamland
Picture a place that exists outside of space and time - all ruled by a phantom named Night. The narrator is exposed to ghosts of his late friends as he travels through the ever-mutating Dreamland.

3. The City in the Sea
The City in the Sea describes a city that is ruled by death. No rays of hope shine on this place. There isn't any movement in the city until the end of the poem as a wave signals the arrival of Hell.

2. The Raven
The rapping at the chamber door is like a cloud of sadness ready to pour. The sorrow catches the narrator and all he can do is wish for tomorrow. The raven's repeated chime of "Nevermore" always bests the author's pleadings for it to fly away. In the end we find that the sorrow is here to stay indefinitely.

1. Annabel Lee
This poem starts out innocently with the love between Anna Bell Lee and the narrator. Then angels, jealous of their love, decide to take Annabel Lee's life. Annabel Lee being out of the picture doesn't tame the intensity of the narrator's love. The poem ends with the narrator telling us that he always sleeps next to her tomb.

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