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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 Things Every Ghost Hunter Should Know

 For those of you embracing a predator's perspective this Halloween!

1) Forget the popular belief that ghosts are always dangerous, fearful and hurt people.
2) Ghosts don't travel, follow people home, or appear at more than one location.
3) The entities on the other side are the ones who decide that they want to contact us, not the other way around.
4) Ghosts can't be explained away nor will they disappear. They continue to appear frequently all over the world, to people from all walks of life, in old houses and in new houses, on airports and in streets, and wherever tragedy strikes man.
5) The fewer physical disturbances there are, the easier it is for ghosts to communicate themselves to the outer world. A quiet moment, such as is more likely to be found at night than in daytime, is the period when the majority of sightings are reported.
6) Ghosts are nothing more than a human being trapped by special circumstances in this world while already being of the next.
7) It is important not be influenced by popular renditions of ghostly phenomena. This holds true with most movies. Television, where distortions and outright inventions abound, is especially troublesome.
8) Where an objective manifestation takes place, and everybody present is capable of hearing and seeing it, energy drawn from the living is used by the ghost to cause certain phenomena, or perhaps the movement of objects, doors opening by themselves, and other signs of a presence.
9) Ghosts do not fade away over the centuries; they are, in effect, present for all eternity unless someone makes contact with them through a trance medium and brings reality to them, allowing them to understand their predicament and thus free themselves from their self-imposed prison.
10) The worst reaction is to become panicky in the presence of a ghost, since it will not help the ghost and will cause you unnecessary anxiety.

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