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Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Resolutions!

Welcome to 2014. Here are my character's resolutions for the new year:

Blaze Kerrigan: Get a good night's sleep.
Dylan Kerrigan: Get laid. Get a job.
Jenna Michaels: Find the man of her dreams; stay alive long enough to get to know him.

Angelique Chevalier: Win a Pulitzer.
Matthew Knight: Schedule at least one vacation this year.
Kyle Abernathy: To become immortal and rule the world.

Galen Hawkeye: To get out from beneath the shadow of his father; start a life of his own.
Olstek: To overcome the evil influences building up within him; to learn to control his magic.
Alyssa Moravian: Find adventure and see the world so that she can become a better ruler.
Klytepra: To become a master with the staff.