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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Live, a Poem by Jason Greiner

We Live
by Jason Greiner

We live within routine
Straying only when by force
Then reluctantly we walk
On paths fresh and new

But let one split second tear
And rip at our souls
To open our closed eyes
To an illuminating new truth

Death is death 
And blood is blood
Which both in time will come
Taking hold of all

So before life fades
We mustn't hesitate
To truly come to live
To see, to laugh, to love
Before our frailty does show through  

Jason Greiner is an American poet from Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of two poetry books, "Wishing Wells: The Poetry of Love, Emotion and the World We Alive In" (2006) and "Shadows and Shade: A Collection of Poetry and Images" (2009) from which this work is taken.

"Shadows and Shade" link - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shadows-and-shade-jason-greiner/1017220870?ean=9781440152153&itm=1&usri=jason+greiner

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