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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heroes Aren’t Born; Heroes Are Made!

It’s no big secret that today’s economy is bad. Jobs are hard to come by, prices continue to skyrocket, and we are still fighting an unnecessary war. In this day and age, we have lost sight of what’s important. We need role models – good people that the average citizen can look up to. It could be the nice neighbor that is always there when you need her, the soldier willing to spill his blood for his country, or the skinny kid that comes to your aid when you least expect it. Where do we find these heroes? Look around you. They are everywhere. We just need to be able to see them. Who is your hero?

In Donovan’s new epic fantasy, The Golden Horn, the wayward hero, Galen, is a combination of the ancient legends and the modern day hero. He is humble and refuses to title himself, but yet, his heart breaks at the thought of all the struggles the common villager has to suffer. Galen is no stranger to pain, coming from a broken home filled with evil, but he finds a way to survive and decides to do something important with his life. With his sword and companion mage, Olstek, they travel the land, doing good whenever possible. He becomes the Hero of Shandor, even though he feels he’s not worthy to be called that.

The Golden Horn is available at amazon.com or createspace.com. Want to win a free signed copy along with a special gift? Enter the “Letter to a Hero” contest. Simply craft a genius letter to your special hero (can be a fictional character or a real person) and send to Donovan at kariah@donovanfantasyauthor.com or blackwidow@shelbypatrick.com with “Letter to a Hero” in the subject. Five winners will be selected at the end of the February virtual book tour, on or around March 1, 2013. Please make sure to include your name, mailing address, and email in your letter.


The author lives in southeastern Michigan with her dog, where she is currently working on her next novel. Her website is at http://www.donovanfantasyauthor.com. Her blog is located at http://www.freethewriterinside.com/.

ISBN 1481203517

This book is available at amazon.com or https://www.createspace.com/4089206