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Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Killers who made Headlines as Vampires

1) Vampire of Hanover - Police began coming up with human bones from a nearby river. They ended up arresting sexual predator and petty crook Fritz Haarman. Haarman had picked up at least 25 young men, including street urchins and runaways, and killed them by biting their throats during sex. He then went on to sell their meat and clothes in Hanover's markets.

2) Vampire of Dusseldorf - In the late 1920s, numerous bodies of women and girls were found in and around Dusseldorf. The bodies were often slashed or bludgeoned by hammers. Peter Kurten, a lifelong criminal, was arrested and charged with the murders. He was unable to resist obtaining sexual gratification from the spurting blood of his victims. As he was led to the guillotine, he hoped to hear the sound of his own blood gushing from his neck.

3) Vampire of Nuremburg - Kuno Hoffman drew blood from buried corpses. One night he shot a couple and lapped up their blood, which was much fresher than the blood he usually dealt with. Eventually, a potential victim survived a shooting and reported him to the police.

4) Vampire of London - John Haigh claimed to have killed nine people and dumped each body into an acid bath. The bath would reduce each victim to a sludge that could easily be disposed of. Eventually he was caught and at his trial, Haigh confessed to having cut his victim's throat in order to get glasses of blood to drink.

5) Vampire of Sacramento - Richard Trenton Chase was a paranoid schizophrenic who believed that either UFOs or Nazis were poisoning his soap dish. He murdered two infants and two adults, afterwards eating their brains and drinking their blood from used yogurt cups. To escape the electric chair, Chase overdoses on antidepressants.

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