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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Books by Email?

I signed up awhile back to receive free horror book excerpts in my email from the Dear Reader organization. I was introduced to this club by the Horror Writers Association. If you love horror, this preview club is perfect for you. Once you sign up, you receive the first few chapters of a new horror novel every week in your email, and best of all, this email list is free to join by going to http://www.dearreader.com/horror.html . To find out about their other preview clubs, visit their home page at http://www.dearreader.com.

Today, I just learned about another email preview club from Bantam Dell Publishing. It's a mystery and thriller book club called Booked for Breakfast. Each Monday, a new Bantam Dell author/title is featured and you'll be sent a portion of that book via email each day. You also have a chance to win free copies. To join this list, go to http://www.randomhouse.com/bantamdell/bookedforbreakfast/ .

Happy Reading!

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