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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Horde

One of my favorite shows on TV happens to be The Walking Dead. It's a great show focusing on the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Yes, they slice and dice through plenty of walking dead every week but they also deal with births, deaths, romances, food shortages, looters, and some very bad people who want to take it all. One of their mottoes is "Fight the dead. Fear the living."

Team Rick!

What would you do in the event a zombie epidemic broke out? What if a loved one turned right in front of you? 

Would you rather:
Be a lone survivor or seek out safety in a group?

Put the love of your life down after they turned or lock him/her up in case a cure is found?

Kill zombies from afar with a crossbow or get up close and personal with a sword/axe?

Shack up in a boarded up apartment on the fifth floor or stay in an abandoned prison behind closed gates?

Be part of a group where everyone is treated equally with respect and given a chance or belong to a group of saviors who promise to feed you, give you shelter, and keep you safe as long as you do your part and failure is a sign of weakness that could result in your untimely death?

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