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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Topic Rants

Pick one of the topics below and in 100 words or less, talk about it:

1. Turn signals on cars are there to signal your intent to other drivers; however, if you are driving late at night (say around 3 am), there are no other cars on the road, and you are in the right or left turn only lanes, should you still get a ticket for not using your blinker? What if you are on a side street, turning into your driveway, and there are no cars around?

2. My house keys always end up at the bottom of my purse, no matter what I do. Do you have the same problem? Is this annoying? What other items always end up at the bottom of a purse, back pack, bag, etc. for you?

3. I don't like to let people borrow things anymore because usually they either take forever to return it, it gets lost, or it ends up damaged. Do you loan things out? What would you do in this case?

4. America is supposed to be a free country, but it seems we have less and less freedom all the time. We can't go flying without going through a rigorous screening process these days, we might have to all pay for health insurance whether or not we can afford it, and everyone needs to wear a seat belt (it's the law). Now they want to tell us what we can and can't eat. What do you think?

5. Television used to be more family-oriented. Years ago, you could put on a good comedy show and the entire family could sit through it. Now, TV has changed -- a lot more sex, violence, and swearing. Is it possible to tone it down again, or will it only get worse?

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