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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rejections, Rejections, and More Rejections!

Okay, folks! I am curious to know how you deal with rejections. How many is too many? Should you ever give up? Do you ever have those days, after receiving so many rejections, that you say, "I must be a horrible writer if no one wants to publish me," and you just want to throw in the towel? Let me hear your thoughts on this. What's the best/worst rejection letter you ever received?


  1. Never, never, never throw in the towel. Though it doesn't hurt to seriously evaluate one's writing and attempt to improve and make it more marketable. Personalized rejections are great for this reason.

    The worst rejection I ever received was from (anon magazine x). I made every effort to write a story specifically for that mag, studied their pages and the links of interest they offered, only to be told, "your story doesn't fit our requirements." Are you friggin' serious? I wanted to reply with a rant but bit my tongue and submitted elsewhere. Yes, the story was purchased.

    The best rejections I receive are from mags like Beneath Ceaseless Skies, b/c so far they have all included helpful and personalized feedback that I can use to better the story for next submission.

  2. I love writing so much that I doubt I'd ever give it up; however, every time another rejection letter arrives, it's quite depressing.

    My worst rejection came in the other day. It was from an agent who said he gets so many submissions every day and since he doesn't have an assistant, he doesn't have time to look over my query...but yet, he never posts this on his site. Hmmm...