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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Cold Outside!

Teachers, kids, and schools sure have it easy these days. When I was a kid (wow I'm old re-telling stories like my dad always did), we rarely ever got off from school. The only time our school was closed was if the power had gone out or we got snowed in. But that's it. Our schools never closed for cold weather. Everbody else has to deal with the cold -- people go to work, go shopping, go out to eat, etc. The reasoning behind school closings around here when the wind chill hits zero or below is that they don't want kids standing outside freezing to death while waiting for the bus. Okay, I can understand that, I suppose. Have they ever heard of winter clothes?

Why is it when it's cold out, kids can't wait for the bus, but they can play outside? How come the mail carrier has to endure the cold to deliver mail door-to-door? Why does the newspaper carrier have to go to work just so you can get the all-important local news? But kids and teachers can't go to school because it's cold outside? We live in a cold weather state, so deal with it.

I remember last year, during the winter months, tons of schools in the area were closed a lot. I don't know how the kids finished learning when their schools were off so much. But apparently that's okay. An education isn't as important as getting the day off -- because it's cold outside.

I hate the cold and I can't stand winter. I don't like driving in the ice and snow and I can't stand going out into the cold and shivering. If I could hibernate the entire winter, I would, but that's just silly. We can't do that. We just have to learn to live with the cold, as much as we might hate it.

I wish I could stay home from work when it's cold outside, but I can't do that either. I have a job and responsibilities. Just think about those poor emergency workers or auto insurance companies who have to deal with the many accidents that occur in the wintry cold months. They don't get off because it's cold.

Are adults expendable that they have to risk their lives and endure the cold while the youth of today get to snuggle up inside a cozy, warm house? Hmmm....

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