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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Recipe For Disaster

Ingredients Needed:

1 Part Family
1 Part Writing
1 Part Facebook
1 Part YouTube

Directions to stir the pot and cause friction:

  1. Write a cool movie script
  2. Ask your family to help you film it
  3. Get your nieces and nephews to star in it
  4. Spend a good deal of time filming and editing the movie
  5. Finish the product and share it with others (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  6. Years later, publish a book
  7. Ask family to help promote the book
  8. Bring on the curse that causes a falling out with certain family members
  9. Apologize in a public venue (Facebook)
  10. Believe everything to be okay, but in reality, it's worse than ever
  11. Get labeled a cad, a liar, and a selfish S.O.B. when sharing the truth via blog
  12. Be accused of starting it all and endure glared daggers
  13. Try to get along at the next holiday gathering
  14. Just when you thought things were okay again, another wave of Hell opens up
  15. Family orders you to remove YouTube videos because they never gave you permission and the actors are under age (are you acccused of exploiting your nieces and nephews now?)
  16. Tons of photos of said under age actors are posted all over Facebook under several different profiles, but apparently that's okay. You, however, shouldn't be associated with them in any way, shape, or form
  17. Watch your life and writing career be shredded to pieces

Makes: Tons of depression, anxiety, and shame

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