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Sunday, November 9, 2008

America, The Humble!

Well, it’s finally happened. I never thought I would live to see this day come, but sadly, I watched America make the biggest mistake of the century the other day. They voted for a black person who doesn’t even sound like he’s from the United States to run our country; as if our country doesn’t have enough problems already. And worst of all, they seem to be praising him as if he were some prophet come to save them. Beware of false prophets – remember that warning? This is just the beginning, the beginning of the end to America as we know it. By electing this man, the value of our country spiraled downward. Did you know that gun sales rose tremendously when it looked like he was going to win? But it’s not why you think. No, people rushed out to get those guns because they fear the Dems would pass more stricter gun laws. The Catholic church expressed sadness once the election had passed. After all, we did just elect a man who’s for murdering unborn children, and apparently, we passed a proposal that gives scientists the legal right to kill human embryos. What has this country come to? And in case you haven’t heard, life just got harder for people wanting to start up their own business. Thank you, America, for pushing the knife in deeper. What would we do without democracy and the right to vote? Think about what you have done and we’ll see what sorry state the U.S. will be in four years from now.

Everyone wanted the Democrats to run the government because God forbid, another war-mongering Bush get into the White House. Maybe Bush lied, maybe he was just misinformed. Maybe he wanted a war, maybe he was just doing his best to avenge those thousands of Americans that died on our soil by terrorists that we let in. Maybe he wasn’t the best choice for president, maybe he was only trying his hardest considering one year after he took office, the bloodiest rampage happened in our country. What would you have done if someone had come into your home and murdered all those innocent people? How can anyone have thought any differently back then? Yes, he could have stopped it, though, could have brought our boys home sooner, but have any of you run a country? Is it really that simple to just pull all troops out of there and let chaos reign again? If you haven’t run a country, then don’t bothering trying to answer that question either because I’ve probably heard it all.

So, it’s up to the Democrats. It’s funny how people forget Clinton’s scandal, or the criminal doings of ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, or of how Michigan’s economy is worse since Granholm took office. Funny how people rushed out to put the Democrats into power and overlooked all these “bad” things.

Four more years of Bush, as Obama ads put it. Bush, who might have lied and didn’t bring our boys home when we asked. Or four years of Democrats in power. Democrats who’s previous records include criminal doings. Hmm. Should have been a no-brainer there. It’s too bad America was blind-sided by the Democrat cult.

To this day, I can’t believe it happened, and I just keep thinking, “what have we done?” Remember Martin Luther King’s great “I have a dream” speech? That’s all equality will ever be – a dream. Men and women will never be treated as equals; blacks and whites will never be treated as equals; straight and gay people will never be treated as equals; etc. Equality, just like everything, begins at home. It won’t change just because a black person became president here. It only makes life scarier.

So, America, what have we done?

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