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Friday, July 6, 2007

Letter to Society

Dear Society,

Why do you challenge people to be different, then blackball them because they don’t do as you want them to? Everyone has a unique talent, a special attribute that only they can call upon, but yet, to do so is societal suicide. Can you please help me understand?

Some people like to be alone, others can’t live without a mob around them. Some people like peace and quiet while others live for war zones. Some people cower in fear, staying locked away in their safe havens, but yet still others face their fears, challenging them to the ultimate showdown. We are all different. Nobody should be expected to cater to society’s whims. So why do you expect it?

If I can’t face a crowded ballroom, does that mean I should never receive another invitation? If I don’t like loud noises, should I stay locked inside a bubble? If I get bored to the point of suicide when at a gathering, will you oust me as a potential friend?

I love you, Society, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, and that’s exactly what you do to me. It’s tiring just trying to keep up with you. You wear me down with your hissy fits and societal whims. Why can’t you just let people be people and not followers of your tyrant’s tirade? Not everyone needs to do what you expect them to do in order to be liked. In fact, it’s our uniqueness that sets us apart. So, I implore you to cut us some slack. Let us be our own individuals. The world will become a better place for it.

Your faithful servants,

The People

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