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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Smorgasbord of Characters

We live in a world where everyone is free to be different, but yet why is it that we blackball people just because they ARE different? We poke fun at or shy away from people that are homeless, gay, of different religions, jobless, have a physical or mental disability, or people that just don't fit our ideals. I'm a good christian and I was brought up to respect people, even if they are different. If everyone were the same, that would make for a very boring world. So why do we do it? Why do we hold it against someone if they don't have a great job or don't want to come to a party or don't believe in the same things we do?

I have lived on both sides of the spectrum here. When I was in high school, I had this scrawny little "nerdy" guy fawning over me, but he didn't measure up to my ideal boyfriend, so I ignored him. Well, that scrawny little boy grew up to be a very handsome and rich young man. He went on to be a success, while I stammered in my own wallowing and tried to eke out a living.

Now I'm seeing life on the other side. I don't do well in social situations and prefer my computer to a live person. People see me as a loser and one to be left alone. I don't live up to their ideals and to some, even members of my own family, I will be a bum the rest of my life.

Could I be paying for my mean streak as a teen? Is this karma come calling? Or do I deserve to be blackballed by my peers because I chose the life of a loner years ago?

When my family gets together, I listen to them talk and complain about what so and so is doing. That's all they ever talk about -- who is doing something wrong or not living up to their ideal situation. I'm the black sheep because I'm the only one that didn't choose a life of wedded imprisonment and I don't have a good job. Is that a reason to name me a loser, just because I didn't end up like my sisters (who aren't exactly living in bliss themselves.)?

So I ask you. Before you pass judgment on someone for their physical attributes, their mental capacity, their choice of jobs, etc., stop and think about life if the tables had been turned.

Now go forth and be good people! :-)

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