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Friday, November 17, 2006

Exercise: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Okay, this is the start of my monthly exercises. With Thanksgiving arriving next week, I thought I would cater to the holiday. Stretch your creative muscles and give this little exercise a try. Feel free to send it to me or post it in a comment here (if it's short enough).

------- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? --------

Thanksgiving Day is finally here. All your guests have arrived. Your turkey is in the oven. Drinks and stories are circulating. This day couldn't be more perfect, or so you thought. Just minutes before you are ready to put the dinner on the table, the doorbell rings. Without thinking, you answer it and immediately regret it. Your ex (spouse, boy/girl friend, friend, etc.) is standing there and he/she is stone drunk. They stumble past you, into the living room, speaking in a loud voice, telling everyone what a horrible person you are. You rush into the room, trying to corral the poor soul away from your guests. You usher him/her into the bathroom, where they collapse into a heap. You close the door, leaving your ex alone, to return to your guests. Things settle back down and you temporarily forget the intrusion. Dinner is served. You have a wonderful meal. After dinner, one of your guests disappears. A scream is heard, coming from the bathroom. You rush in to find that your ex is lying in a pool of blood, apparently the victim of a murder. Who would have done this? You reach for the phone, but find no dial tone. As you turn to go find your cell phone, the lights go out, throwing the place into complete darkness...


Okay, now your turn. Take this story and run with it. Who murdered your ex? What happened to the phone and now the power? Will one of your guests be next, or is the killer amongst you? Have fun!

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